Medicane Storm Ianos lashes western Greece –

Storm Ianos

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image captionMedicanes closely resemble tropical cyclones and have become more frequent in recent years

A rare hurricane-like storm is lashing islands in western Greece, bringing torrential rain and power cuts.

Storm Ianos is described as a “medicane” (Mediterranean hurricane), a phenomenon that first appeared in Greece in 1995.

The cyclone is moving eastwards, so at the weekend the winds – now up to 117km/h (73mph) – are set to hit the Peloponnese, then Athens and Crete.

“Trees are falling everywhere,” said Ionian Islands governor Rodi Kratsa.

image captionBoats moored in Kefalonia took a battering

Medicane storm damage on Zakynthos, 18 Sep 20

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image captionMedicane storm damage on Zakynthos

There are reports of flooded streets, power cuts and transport disruption on the islands of Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Ithaca.

Off the western Peloponnese a boat believed to be carrying 55 migrants is in distress and the Greek coastguard has asked nearby ships to assist, AFP news agency reports.

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Medicane Storm Ianos lashes western Greece –

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