Atlantic may waste little time in stirring up more tropical trouble following Delta – Yahoo News

As meteorologists continue to track Delta following landfall, they are also closely monitoring multiple new areas of tropical concern over the open Atlantic.

AccuWeather forecasters are already scrutinizing an area of showers and thunderstorms, also known as a tropical wave, that is trekking across the Atlantic Ocean.

As of midday Saturday, this feature was located roughly midway between the Cabo Verde Islands and the Lesser Antilles.

An area of low pressure is already beginning to take shape in this disturbance, which is located in an environment of warm water and low wind shear, two ingredients needed for a tropical system to strengthen and maintain intensity.

Wind shear is the increase in the strength of the flow of air at progressively higher locations in the atmosphere as well as the sudden change in wind direction from one point to another on the horizon. When wind shear is high, it can inhibit tropical storm development.

Dan Kottlowski, AccuWeather’s hurricane expert, expects this feature to continue to organize as it tracks west into early week.


“[This feature] has a low to medium chance of forming into a tropical depression or tropical storm during the second half of this weekend or early next week well east of the Lesser Antilles,” stated Kottlowski.

There are a number of tracks this storm could take into the beginning of next week. The system could gradually drift to the northwest and may bring little to no impact to land.

However, if an area of high pressure develops over the northern Atlantic, easterly winds on the southern side of the high may help to guide this budding tropical feature into the Caribbean.

A track into the Caribbean would bring areas of tropical downpours and gusty winds to the islands, and if the storm is able to strengthen, it could bring stronger wind gusts to the region.

This will not be the last feature to monitor in this already historic Atlantic hurricane season. Another tropical wave is forecast to emerge off the western coast of Africa early next week.

With low to moderate wind shear near the Cabo Verde Islands, there is currently low potential that this wave will develop into an organized tropical feature.

The next two storms that reach tropical storm strength, which is when sustained wind speeds reach 39 mph, will be given the names Epsilon and Zeta by the National Hurricane Center.

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Atlantic may waste little time in stirring up more tropical trouble following Delta – Yahoo News

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