WARMINGTON: Christine Jessop’s dad says killer ‘destroyed’ many lives – Toronto Sun

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It was then he believes Hoover first laid eyes on Christine.

“It breaks my heart,” Bob said.

Bob Jessop, whose nine-year-old daughter Christine was murdered in 1984, is seen here in an undated file photo. Photo by Files /Toronto Sun

Never once did he ever suspect Hoover, or think of him as a suspect, until Thursday when he was told of this news. Bob Jessop said he just wishes Hoover was still alive.

“If I could, I would line him up and blow his brains out,” the slain girl’s dad said.

Bob said the pain of his daughter’s murder destroyed him and his family, as well as that of originally charged and convicted but later cleared Guy Paul Morin and his family.

“There were a lot of victims in this,” he said.

However, he said, nine-year-old Christine suffered the most.

“It’s so unfair,” he said.

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Bob hopes his daughter, who would be 45 if she were still alive, is remembered more than her killer. And he often thinks about what Christine would have been like and the life she could have achieved had it not been stolen from her.

You don’t get over something like that, he said.

“She was a level-headed child. She was so well behaved. She was a special little child.”

Bob said he can’t understand how someone he trusted could have ever done something so heinous.

“He must have been sick,” he said.

Bob said he wants to “thank the police” for staying on top of it and his wife Sandra for “being my lifeline.”

These have not been an easy 36 years, he said, adding at least now, for the first time since 1984, he can can go to bed not wondering who murdered his precious daughter.

“I am happy to now know who it was but I doubt I will be able to sleep,” Bob said.


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WARMINGTON: Christine Jessop’s dad says killer ‘destroyed’ many lives – Toronto Sun

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