Iota on track to becoming Major Hurricane – WZVN-TV

Hurricane season officially ends at the end of November. The tropics are still performing in mid-season form with two tropical systems spinning. 

Tropical Storm Iota is in familiar territory. It is very close to where Eta was in the Caribbean, more than a week ago. It has maximum sustained winds of 60 mph and is moving to the west-southwest at 7 mph. It will continue generally-west, and strengthen as it does so.

It has a shot at becoming the next major hurricane of the 2020 hurricane season. Models are consistent in bringing it to Nicaragua and then raking it over Central America. 

As it does so, it will produce dangerous flooding. Iota is expected to produce 4 to 8 inches of rain, with local 12-inch totals, across portions of northern Colombia, Panama, and Costa Rica.

Across the remaining sections of Central America, the system has the potential to produce 20 to 30 inches of rain with a focus across northern Nicaragua and Honduras. This rainfall would lead to significant, life-threatening flash flooding and river flooding, along with landslides in areas of higher terrain.

There are no clues that it makes a turn similar to Eta at this point, but as with any system in the Caribbean, Iota bears watching.

  Tropical Storm Theta is dancing in the eastern Atlantic. It will continue to move toward Portugal, but will likely lose all tropical characteristics by the middle of the week ahead.  

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Iota on track to becoming Major Hurricane – WZVN-TV

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