Dem. Rep. Ryan urges Trump to put the needs of the American people first – Fox News

Biden surrogate Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, had a message for President Trump on Sunday, saying, “You can’t put your own concerns in front of the concerns of the American people.”

Ryan made the statement on “America’s News HQ” reacting to Trump’s refusal to concede. The president has challenged the result of the 2020 election amid allegations of voter fraud in swing states.

On Sunday, for the first time, President Trump signaled that Joe Biden “won” the 2020 presidential election that he continues to say was “rigged” against him, but added that he is not conceding the race.

Last week, a Biden transition official told Fox News that several options are on the table, including the consideration of legal action, if Trump continues to refuse to cooperate.

The General Services Administration (GSA) has not yet made an ascertainment decision on Biden, withholding the green light to begin Biden’s transition. The delay is costing the Biden team access to more than $6 million in federal funding, security clearances and the ability to meet with other officials at intelligence agencies.

On Sunday, host Arthel Neville asked Ryan, “How President-elect Biden and his transition team are using and relying on know-how and experience to forge ahead with Coronavirus plans in the face of obstacles from President Trump?”

 “I think, first and foremost, hiring Ron Klain as his chief of staff, who had been his previous chief of staff as vice president, but also was the person who handled the Ebola response and did a phenomenal job,” Ryan responded.

He added that Klain “understands this world” and so does Biden.

Ryan went on to say that “the key, like any good leader, is listening to them, listening to the science, listening to the people who have been studying infectious diseases and the response to pandemics, going all the way back to 1918 — which is the most modern one that we know about.”


Ryan was referencing the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.

He went on to say that he thinks Biden has been “doing a really good job of putting his plan together,” but stressed that the “cooperation” of the current president is needed.

“The more information you have, the more knowledge you have, the more experience you have from the people in the Trump Administration, the better the response is going to be for the American people, and that’s who we’re here and elected to protect,” Ryan said.


He acknowledged that “losing hurts,” but said he “would hope” that President Trump comes around and puts the “concerns of the American people” over his “own concerns.”

Fox News’ Paul Conner and Angelica Stabile contributed to this report.

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Dem. Rep. Ryan urges Trump to put the needs of the American people first – Fox News

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