Trump fires top US cybersecurity official as agency refutes voter fraud – as it happened – The Guardian

Republicans blocked Michigan’s largest county from certifying the results of the 3 November election on Tuesday, an alarming development that leaves wiggle room for Donald Trump in a state he lost by around 146,000 votes.

Nancy Kaffer (@nancykaffer)

The Wayne County Board of Canvassers just deadlocked on certifying the vote on party lines. This is unprecedented in my 20 years covering government here.

November 17, 2020

The four-member board of canvassers in Wayne County, which includes Detroit, deadlocked along partisan lines on Tuesday over certifying the election results. Joe Biden carried the county by nearly 323,000 votes. The decision essentially leaves certification up to the Michigan state board of canvassers, according to the Washington Post. The board is split along partisan lines and must approve election results with at least a 3-1 vote, according to Bridge Michigan.

There’s some concern that if the board doesn’t act to certify the results, the Michigan state legislature could step in and appoint its own electors. Michigan Republican leaders in the state legislature have downplayed those concerns.

A Republican member of the board of canvassers said on Tuesday she would be willing to certify results in parts of the county other than Detroit, which many saw to be an overtly partisan and racist move. Detroit is more than 78% Black.

Dana Nessel (@dananessel)

Let’s all contemplate this for a minute please. Republican Board of Canvasser member wants to certify the Wayne County elections BESIDES Detroit.

November 17, 2020

The Trump campaign has focused on ballot counting in Detroit in several of the lawsuits it has filed in the state seeking to block certification of the results. Several judges have dismissed those lawsuits, finding no irregularities.

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Trump fires top US cybersecurity official as agency refutes voter fraud – as it happened – The Guardian

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