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CHESTER COUNTY, PA — As both county and state health departments updated COVID-19 information today, Chester County’s case numbers were not the worst in the southeast region of the state.

However, Chester County is keeping pace in the overall rise in cases that is happening in counties that surround it, whose data trajectories form a cluster on a state Department of Health animated chart; only Philadelphia County is seen clearly outpacing the other Greater Philadelphia regional counties. This week, Philadelphia County’s case count rose by 433, compared to Chester County’s increase of 282 cases.

COVID-19 case counts in Chester County rose in one week from 747 to 1,029. The incidence positivity rate for Chester County also rose, from 143.1 to 197.1 per 100,000 residents, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Between Nov. 13 and Nov. 20 the county’s positivity rate — a measure of how many tests are positive compared with the total number of tests — had also gone up from 7.2 to 8.7 percent.

The state of Pennsylvania had more than 8,800 new positive tests in the last week, with an incidence rate of 221 cases per 100,000 residents and a positivity rate statewide of 11.1 percent. In the last week, there were 881 daily hospitalizations for COVID-19 across the state and the total case count reached 288,978 in Pennsylvania by Friday.

Chester County’s health department reports that 388 persons have died of COVID-19 in the county since the pandemic began early in 2020. Five have died in the county from COVID-19 since Nov. 10. Chester County has had 10,351 positive tests for COVID-19, the county reports.

The state’s Nov. 19 update of COVID-19 metrics said Chester County has had 57 hospitalizations in the last week, with 12 adults in ICU and 4 patients on ventilators.

Statewide, 20-29 age group leads, with similar age group case numbers in Chester County. Case counts for persons in their 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s were not greatly different either statewide or in the county, though people in their 50’s see slightly higher numbers.

Chester County has a few communities where COVID-19 cases are more concentrated. The highest cases per the population is in Avondale and Kennett Square boroughs, but there have been no deaths in Avondale among its 67 COVID-19 cases and 3 deaths in Kennett Square and 253 cases. Chester County’s communities who’ve suffered the most deaths are Willistown Township, where 52 have died, East Vincent Township, where 39 have died, and East Goshen Township, where 38 have died.

The state DOH presents data by ZIP Codes and also makes a distinction between confirmed cases and “probable” cases. The CDC defines confirmed cases as those confirmed by lab tests, and probable cases as those that show other evidence. The numbers below are as of Nov. 20.

  • West Chester 19382 ZIP Code area has reported 1527 confirmed COVID-19 cases, and 75 probable cases.
  • West Chester 19380 ZIP Code has had 972 confirmed cases, and 50 probable cases.
  • Nearby Downingtown, at ZIP Code 19335, has had 850 confirmed cases and 45 probable cases.
  • Coatesville ZIP 19320, there have been 1124 confirmed cases and 45 probable cases.
  • Malvern ZIP Code 19355 has reported 541 confirmed cases and 33 probable cases.
  • Wayne ZIP Code 19087 has reported 491 confirmed cases and 27 probable cases.
  • Berwyn ZIP Code 19312 has reported 241 confirmed cases and 12 probable cases.
  • Phoenixville ZIP Code 19460 has reported 672 confirmed cases and 36 probable cases.
  • Spring City ZIP Code 19475 has reported 225 confirmed cases and 23 probable cases.
  • Pottstown ZIP Code 19465 has reported 208 confirmed cases and 15 probable cases.
  • Chester Springs ZIP Code 19425 has reported 220 confirmed cases and 18 probable cases.
  • Kennett Square ZIP Code 19348 has reported 584 confirmed cases and 20 probable cases.

There have been 304 deaths reported at Chester County’s long term care facilities. Veterans Hospital in Spring City has reported 42 deaths, according to the state DOH.

Several animated charts from the Pennsylvania Department of Health offer data visuals of the growth of COVID-19 cases in comparisons with other counties and regions of the state, though the data have last been updated at the end of October.

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Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levine said she expects masks will be necessary “well into” 2021. “Maybe until the end of 2021.”

By Kara Seymour, Patch Staff Patch Staff Badge

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COVID-19 Counts Show Chester County Keeping Pace With Neighbors –

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