Four States in India Report Confirmed Cases of Bird Flu Disease – Bloomberg

Health workers in protective suits cull ducks in Karuvatta in Kerala on Jan. 6.

Photographer: Arunchandra Bose/AFP/Getty Images

Four states in India have reported avian influenza outbreaks, with some districts of Kerala culling birds to stop the spread of the disease, according to an official statement.

Some states, including Rajasthan, Kerala and Himachal Pradesh, recently witnessed unusual deaths of poultry, crows and migratory birds, the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying said in a statement late Thursday. The federal government has asked local authorities to boost surveillance around water bodies, live bird markets, zoos and poultry farms, it said.

Concerns about the spread of the disease are likely to hurt poultry businesses across the country in the next two to three quarters,
according to a note by ICICI Securities Ltd. Consumption of poultry products such as chicken and eggs may decline, while demand for poultry feed may also be impacted, it said.

Shares of
Venky’s India Ltd., which reported about half of its revenue from poultry sales in 2019-20, have fallen more than 8% and are set for their worst week since April 2020, while
Godrej Agrovet Ltd. has dropped 1.4%.

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Four States in India Report Confirmed Cases of Bird Flu Disease – Bloomberg

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