Andrea’s funeral set for Friday | Loop News – Loop News Trinidad and Tobago

The funeral service for Andrea Bharatt will be held on Friday.

Her body will be taken to the family’s home at Arima Old Road at 9am, then to the Arima Magistrates’ Court where she worked as a clerk.

The service will take place at Faith Assembly Church, Five Rivers at midday.

Bharatt will then be cremated at Belgroves at 2pm.

The funeral service will be livestreamed from the church.

The family will then give her a final send off with lanterns at the Eddie Hart Grounds at 6pm followed by a motorcade to Port-of-Spain to give support and comfort to the families of victims who suffered similar fates. 

Those attending these events are asked to adhere to all COVID-19 guidelines including wearing masks and physically distancing, and to wear pink and white.

In announcing the funeral arrangements, the family extended its gratitude to the police officers who assisted along the way, including Police Commissioner Gary Griffith.

Bharatt was kidnapped on January 29.

Her body was discovered down a precipice in the Heights of Aripo on February 4.

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Andrea’s funeral set for Friday | Loop News – Loop News Trinidad and Tobago

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