Covid-19: R number falls below 1 for first time since July – BBC News

When it comes to the coronavirus vaccine there is one question most people are asking – when will I get it?

Agathe Demarais is the director of global forecasting at the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which has done some of the most comprehensive research on the topic.

She has looked at the world’s production capacity, along with the healthcare facilities needed to get vaccines into people’s arms, the number of people a country has to contend with, and what they can afford.

Many of the findings seem to fall along predictable lines of rich vs poor.

The UK and the US are both well supplied with vaccines right now because they could afford to invest a lot of money into vaccine development and put themselves at the front of the queue.

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Being a global vaccine superpower, however, doesn’t mean your population will be vaccinated first.

The EIU’s research predicts two of the world’s vaccine production powerhouses, China and India, may not be sufficiently vaccinated until the end of 2022. That’s because they have huge populations to contend with, as well as a shortage of health workers.

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Head here to use our global tracker to find out how your country is doing.

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Covid-19: R number falls below 1 for first time since July – BBC News

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