News on Trump Impeachment: Latest Updates & Reaction – Politico


The trial now turns to Trump’s defense team, which will begin presenting its case Friday.


House Democrats rested their case against Donald Trump on Thursday insisting that the Senate’s refusal to punish him for inciting a mob to attack the Capitol would pave the way for a future commander-in-chief to subvert the democratic process, weaken America’s standing in the world and stoke the recruitment of domestic terrorists.

In a sweeping summary of their evidence, the House prosecutors seeking Trump’s conviction in the impeachment trial said they had proven their charge that Trump incited the Jan. 6 insurrection by provoking his supporters to violently attack the Capitol while Congress was tallying the Electoral College votes, and later showed no remorse following an attack that left five people dead. That lack of contrition, they argued, underscores the urgency of a conviction.

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News on Trump Impeachment: Latest Updates & Reaction – Politico

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