Police Nab Suspect in Deadly NYC Subway Stabbing Spree – The Daily Beast

Police in New York City have arrested a man suspected of a deadly string of knife attacks against homeless people on the city’s subway, according to multiple reports. Two people were killed and two others were injured in a matter of hours during the brutal stabbing spree this weekend along the A train line. According to the New York Post, the suspect—who has not yet been named—was still smeared with his victims’ blood when he was apprehended, and he was carrying the knife allegedly used in the slayings.

The rampage began Friday morning, when a 67-year-old man was slashed on the platform at the 181st St. station by a man reportedly yelling, “I am going to kill you!” The man survived, but events took a grim turn on Friday night when a man’s body was found in a pool of blood on a subway car at an A line station in Queens. A few hours later, a woman who’d been stabbed repeatedly was found dead under a train seat. Another man was stabbed while sleeping in a stairwell at an A line station, but he managed to get help at a nearby bank and is said to be in stable condition. Police have not yet revealed details on a possible motive but said the victims are believed to be homeless. “We know that one of the victims was sleeping… Everything was unprovoked,” NYPD deputy chief Brian McGee said at a Saturday press conference.

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Police Nab Suspect in Deadly NYC Subway Stabbing Spree – The Daily Beast

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