Covid-19 vaccination achievement ‘no moment to relax’ – PM – BBC News

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Gordon Ramsay has been talking about the “pressure” caused by the pandemic on the restaurant industry.

His group, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, operates 35 outlets around the world. Most of those remain shut, including 18 restaurants in the UK.

“The government have been super supportive, and incredibly concerned, in terms of, landlords seem to be taking a breather, which is good,” Ramsay acknowledges.

“But think of the pressure. We had to cancel 22,472 reservations through the month of December, and that’s the one glory month that gets us through the first weak part of the year, January and February, when everybody goes dry and becomes vegan.

“So I’m not going to lie, it’s been tough. But how do we come back and open these restaurants, fingers crossed, in March? We’ve gone back to [being] creative, so every restaurant in the group will be reopening with new additions to the menu.”

He and his team have been having tasting sessions via Zoom and speak daily.

“What have I missed most? Breaking bread,” he says. “The atmosphere that restaurants create. The atmosphere when you open those doors and you walk into a restaurant, and when you sit with someone you haven’t seen for a couple of weeks and you’ve got a nice cocktail and amazing food, that’s what I miss.”

Read more from his interview, as he prepares for his new BBC game show Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance, here.

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Covid-19 vaccination achievement ‘no moment to relax’ – PM – BBC News

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