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HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) – A busy week is in store as two winter storms are set to impact the Tri-State, the first beginning early Monday morning. All wintry precipitation types are likely. The second storm will also be a complicated one and will bring impacts during the Thursday-Friday time frame. The upcoming weekend should finally provide generally quieter weather, outside of some light precipitation possible on Sunday.

Sunday evening will continue to see areas of freezing drizzle/mist/fog and light snowflakes as temperatures hover in the upper 20s. Be careful if traveling as even a light glaze of ice can cause big impacts.

A more widespread precipitation is set to arrive early Monday morning. Across southeastern Ohio and northeastern Kentucky, this precipitation will be fairly steady and predominantly snow, while the rest of the Tri-State sees the threat of ice from sleet and freezing rain in a “patchier” sense. Still, the Monday morning commute is likely to be hazardous!

Outside of scattered and lighter precipitation, Monday should be fairly quiet for much of the daytime hours before another round of heavy precipitation arrives towards sunset. A similar setup will occur in which snow favors northwestern zones and sleet/ice favors southeastern zones.

The wintry mix tapers Tuesday morning, giving way to a cloudy and cold afternoon as temperatures stay near 30 degrees.

Wednesday will see a partly cloudy sky with a high in the mid 30s. This will be only a one-day break before another storm system brings the renewed potential for wintry mix starting Thursday. Rain, ice, and snow will all be possible. Impacts linger into Friday morning before tapering Friday afternoon.

Saturday will be dry under a partly cloudy sky as high temperatures reach the mid 30s.

Expect a mostly cloudy sky on Sunday with the chance for light rain and snow showers. High temperatures will be in the mid 40s.

Be sure to stay on top of the weather these next several days, and download the WSAZ Weather app.

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First Warning Forecast | Eyeing the first of two winter storms this week – WSAZ-TV

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