CVS gives wrong COVID-19 vaccine dose to patients –

— A CVS in Massachusetts is contacting patients who received the COVID-19 vaccine at their location to let them know about a dosage mistake.

The pharmacy said a limited number of patients who got the Moderna vaccine on Monday were inadvertently given smaller doses than they should have received.

Carol Kennedy Hurley said she is still shaking her head after the pharmacist notified her about the dosage mistake.

“You know, you just sort of are in shock,” Hurley said.

CVS said a limited number of patients who received the vaccine Monday at the Central Street location received 0.3 milliliters of the Moderna vaccine instead of the regular 0.5 milliliter dose.

“So I guess the basic word is trust,” Hurley said. “That’s what it really comes down to, and from the beginning with this whole pandemic, who do you trust?”

Doctors say, despite the mess up, there’s no reason for patients like Hurley to get an additional dose, and she can still get the second shot next month as planned.

“We know because we’re humans there may be errors happening, especially when we’re trying to vaccinate with two different vaccines,” said Dr. Gabriela Andujar Vasquez.

CVS released a written statement that reads in part, “We have contacted all affected patients to apologize and answer any questions they might have” and “we reported it to the appropriate regulatory agencies.”

Hurley said no one apologized to her.

“They just gave me the information and it was really nonchalant,” she said.

CVS said it has since implemented changes to ensure future mishaps are avoided.

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CVS gives wrong COVID-19 vaccine dose to patients –

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