Concord Cancels School Due To Bad Reactions To COVID-19 Vaccine –

CONCORD, NH — The Concord School District abruptly canceled school on Monday after a flood of teachers and other district staffers called in sick one day after many received the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine.

Parents in the SAU 8 district received phone calls, emails, and text messages notifying them there would not be school at just before 6:30 a.m. The alerts stated it was due to the level of teacher absenteeism across the district. The decision was made as principals began fielding calls from educators early on Monday that they were sick.

School Superintendent Kathleen Murphy said the closure was more than just teachers though — many staffers, including district office employees, also got shots Sunday, and reported adverse reactions to them.

“It was related to vaccine shots,” she said of Monday’s school closure. “We received notice from a number of staff, teachers, education assistants, and district staff who we were sick, so we were unable to open school in a safe manner.”

All the staffers who were vaccinated received the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

After the district posted a note on Facebook on Monday, a number of community members also shared thoughts about their own reactions to the vaccine.

“I’ve gotten the vaccine because I’m (in) health care and I can tell you, I got the 2 part shot. After the first one, it’s like you got the flu. The second one hits you 6x worse,” one woman stated.

Another poster said, “I got it yesterday at 9:30 a.m. and this morning at 2, I felt like I got hit by a Mac truck! Hits everyone so differently.”

One commenter suggested it was poor planning by the district but educators and staffers did not get to choose when they received their shots; they were given appointment times when they signed up. Murphy said many district staffers were slated to get vaccinated next Sunday, too, which is something she will look into in an effort to avoid another day of canceled classes due to vaccination reactions.

A few Hopkinton residents reported to Patch that school was canceled in their community on Monday, too. No reasons were given. Under school closures for the day, WMUR-TV only listed the Concord and Hopkinton school districts. A single school was closed in Hooksett. According to the district’s website, the closure was due to a power outage.

Merrimack Valley School District and Pembroke School District employees were also vaccinated in Concord on Sunday. MVSD has a professional day scheduled for Monday so school was already closed for the day.

Patch has since learned teachers and staffers in Bow also had issues, according to alerts — with the district requesting parents to have their middle and high school students be remote on Monday “due to the number of staff out from our mass vaccination.”

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Concord Cancels School Due To Bad Reactions To COVID-19 Vaccine –

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