Coronavirus: EU denies proposing vaccine ‘export ban’ – BBC News

Today, BBC Radio 5 Live’s Your Call programme asked listeners what they thought of making vaccines compulsory for people working in health and social care.

The government is considering making it mandatory for care staff in England to be vaccinated. Fewer care home staff have had vaccines than any other priority group.

Carer Kathy said it should be compulsory because “it’s saving people’s lives”.

“You must have this jab to get a job, because if you don’t you could be going in and killing people,” she said.

Carer Sarah thinks forcing the vaccine on an otherwise healthy population is totally wrong.

“If I had any symptoms I obviously wouldn’t be front-line working,” she added.

Lindsey works as a nurse and explained that part of her contract when she joined the NHS was to have a Hepatitis B vaccine and have her blood checked for chickenpox and measles immunity.

“As an NHS nurse I think it’s your duty to stand up and be counted in this,” she said.

Karen’s dad is in a care home. She says he’s incredibly frail.

“As a family, do we not have a right to know if there are staff members in the care home that haven’t been vaccinated,” she said. “Then that gives us a choice whether or not we think it is safe for him to stay there.”

Employment lawyer Adam Pavey said it was too early to tell how courts could interpret the arguments but employers would have to balance “people’s individual rights not to be discriminated against, and then the wider rights of other staff members”.

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Coronavirus: EU denies proposing vaccine ‘export ban’ – BBC News

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