Mark Steyn pushes back on Biden’s ‘gun grab’ by executive order – Fox News

‘Fox News Primetime’ host Mark Steyn reacts to President Biden’s proposed gun control measures saying, “The more he insists nothing he’s doing impinges on the Second Amendment, the more ammo sales go through the roof.”

MARK STEYN: An amendment is part of the Constitution, and the Constitution is certainly constitutionally absolute – at least until they can rustle up a judge to rule that the Constitution is unconstitutional, which judicial decision should be coming any day now, probably from the Ninth Circuit. In practical terms, the measures include: restrictions on pistol stabilizing braces, which Joe Biden claims allow hand-guns to be used as high-accuracy low-recoil rifles and yet with easy concealability of a pistol. A new rule closing yet another supposed loophole on so-called “ghost guns” you can assemble yourself, “ghost guns” is one of those new scary terms they’ve come up with. A national “red flag law” allowing family members or law enforcement to go to court for a suspension of an individual’s Second Amendment rights, and a gun-control advocate as head of the ATF.

Boy, I can’t wait to see the impact these moves have on child shootings in Chicago every weekend.


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Mark Steyn pushes back on Biden’s ‘gun grab’ by executive order – Fox News

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