Comptroller warned that Lag Ba’omer Meron was disaster waiting to happen – The Jerusalem Post

State Comptroller reports in 2008 and 2011 had said that the writing was on the wall for a disaster waiting to happen on Lag Ba’omer at Mount Meron – long before Friday morning’s catastrophe which ended in 45 deaths and more than 150 injured, as of press time. Former comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss had said that the site was not equipped to handle the vast crowds, that law enforcement lacked the capability to limit the numbers to reasonable levels and that there were poor safety measures in place to prevent such an event from occurring. In addition, current comptroller Matanyahu Englman said his office has been tracking the issue and may initiate a more comprehensive probe given the extent of the tragedy. Lindenstrauss’ 2008 report had warned of “dangers to human life” at the Rashbi [Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai] compound at Mount Meron because there was no single authority taking responsibility as the event’s point-person. Later, in 2011, another report said, “The existing situation must be immediately changed — including ending the abandonment and harm to the holy place,” as well as treating the important national and religious site with disrespect. According to safety standards, no more than 15,000 people should have been permitted on the site at a time, yet estimated crowds since Thursday were over 100,000. Even the 100,000 number was viewed as low, compared to years before the coronavirus pandemic.

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Comptroller warned that Lag Ba’omer Meron was disaster waiting to happen – The Jerusalem Post

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