World leaders, Jewish orgs send Israel condolences amid Mt. Meron tragedy – The Jerusalem Post

Leaders and large-scale Jewish organization around the world offered their condolences and prayers to Israel following the stampede at the Mt. Meron Lag Ba’Omer celebration that has so far killed 44 and injured at least 150 Thursday night. “Our hearts go out to the people of Israel tonight following the terrible tragedy at Mount Meron,” said Jake Sullivan, White House National Security Advisor. “We offer our condolences to the families and friends who lost loved ones in this disaster, and wish a full and swift recovery to those injured.”

Emanuele Giaufret, EU Ambassador to Israel, said that he was “deeply saddened by the terrible news of injuries and deaths at the Lag Ba’omer celebration on Mount Meron. My heartfelt condolences to the families of the victims and wishes of speedy recovery to all those that were injured.”

“We are deeply saddened by the tragedy at Mount Meron,” the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) said in a statement. “Our thoughts are with all Israelis tonight, and we mourn with the families and friends who lost their loved ones.” “We were shocked and saddened to learn about the horrible disaster that took place in Israel today, which left dozens dead and injured,” said the Jewish Federations of North America. “On this day, Lag Ba’Omer, we send a special prayer to those who have been affected by this tragedy.” 

“Our hearts are with everyone at the Mt. Meron Lag Ba’Omer celebration in Israel today,” said the American Jewish Committee. “We pray for the recovery of those injured and mourn for the families who lost loved ones in this unspeakable tragedy. May their memories be a blessing.”

“We are devastated at the news that a celebration for the festival of Lag BaOmer has led to such a tragic loss of life. Lag BaOmer traditionally celebrates the cessation of death of religious students from a terrible plague in Roman times. It is a bitter irony that the day will now become partly known as a day of mourning for the families affected,” says the Board of Deputies of British Jews’ president, Marie van der Zyl, in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the injured and with the families of the deceased.”

Statements continue to roll in as the scope of the tragedy broadens and emergency services attempt to treat the injured. Worshippers are still trapped at the holy site, with 300 buses waiting on standby to rescue them.

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World leaders, Jewish orgs send Israel condolences amid Mt. Meron tragedy – The Jerusalem Post

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