As it happened: UK vows to work with India as Covid cases soar – BBC News

Everyone is staying closer to home due to Covid restrictions and as a result, beach huts are more popular than ever.

The BBC went to the seaside town of Walton-on-the-Naze in Essex, which has more than 1,000 huts, to find out what’s so special about these sheds by the sea.

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Vicky Gunn, 42, had a busy and stressful life as an accountant when she bought a beach huthere in 2014. Seven years on, she has left her job, owns two of the huts and manages six more for different owners.

“All of our huts sold out in record time this year and we’re even busy mid-week at the moment, which is our off-peak time,” she says.

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Image caption: Vicky Gunn gave up her job as an accountant to manage beach huts

Melanie Whitehead, chairwoman of the Beach Hut Owners Association of Walton, says everyone thought she was “crazy” after she bought hers in 2008 for £6,000.

“Now people are almost panic buying them and in the last two weeks alone they have jumped by several thousand pounds,” she says.

“The more expensive they get, the more people seem to want them. Mine is now worth about £30,000 and it’s a lot of money for what is essentially a glorified shed.”

Copyright: BBC

Image caption: Melanie and her daughter Emilia love spending time at the hut, which is on the second row

You can read more on the pandemic beach hut boom here.

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As it happened: UK vows to work with India as Covid cases soar – BBC News

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