Two Israelis critically hurt in West Bank shooting – watch – The Jerusalem Post

The IDF is searching for Palestinian gunmen who shot three male 19-year old seminary students Sunday evening at the Tapuah Junction in the Samaria region of the West Bank. The incident occurred near a bus stop and hitch-hiking post at the junction. Two of the victims were shot in the head and the chest, rendered unconscious and were critically and seriously injured, while one suffered only light injuries. The IDF said that shots were fired at the bus stop from a passing car. Soldiers responded with gunfire and are searching for the vehicle, which fled the scene either in the direction of the Binyamin region or the Jordan Valley for the gunmen. “IDF troops are searching for the vehicle and are setting up roadblocks in the area,” the military said. A security video showed how a gray car slowed down near the bus stop, forcing those near it to duck for cover. The three yeshiva students were transported to Beilinson hospital in Petah Tikvah. The Itamar Yeshiva where they studied asked the public to pray for the recovery of Yehuda ben Milka, Banya ben Aviva, and Amichai ben Ronit. It was the second attack fo the day. In the morning a 60-year old Palestinian attempted to stab an Israeli shoulder, but was evacuated to the hospital after the IDF shot and critically wounded her. The attacks follow a wave of violence from Hamas in Gaza which launched over 40 rockets at Israel late last month and unrest in Jerusalem over violence between Jewish and Arab residents of the city. Both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Alternate Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benny Gantz condemned the attack. “Security forces are searching for the terrorists and I am sure they put their hands on them as soon as possible. We will not allow terrorism to raise its head and we will deal our enemies a harsh blow,” Netanyahu said. Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan who went immediately to the scene labeled the incident a terror attack. Senior MDA medic Aviel Mamlia said that when he arrived at the scene, two of the injured were lying unconscious on the ground and one was sitting upright. Medics treated the wounds and had to resuscitate one of the victims, he said. Dagan said, “This is a serious incident,” Dagan said. To the Palestinians, he said, “You will never break us.”
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Two Israelis critically hurt in West Bank shooting – watch – The Jerusalem Post

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