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Gary Neville has been praised by Manchester United fans on social media for his rant about the Glazer family following Sunday’s protests at Old Trafford.

Kick-off for the Premier League clash between United and Liverpool was originally scheduled for 16:30 GMT, but it was delayed after hundreds of fans broke into the stadium and made their way onto the pitch.

Thousands of United fans turned up on Sunday afternoon to urge the Glazer family to leave the club following last month’s failed attempt to join a European Super League (ESL).

Neville, who was working at the ground for Sky Sports, said the fans had a right to protest against the Glazer family’s ownership.

The former United captain also wants to see the American family sell and believes the owners of all six English clubs who attempted to join the ESL must be punished for what he described last week as the “attempted murder of English football”.


Speaking at Old Trafford on Sunday, Neville said live on Sky Sports: “That is not what you do at this football club or at Liverpool Football Club, so whether the Glazer family have been good or bad, what they did two weeks ago is not acceptable and an apology is not good enough.

“Joel Glazer saying that he wants to rebuild the trust with the football fans of this club… he never had the trust. He’s never communicated to them. He’s never spoken to them. He’s never said a word.


“Today we can be angry, the game may not go ahead, the fans are angry but they’ve protested peacefully and we have to accept that you’re allowed to protest in this country. It’s every person’s right.

“But tomorrow it’s about reform and regulation because there are six or seven people within English football who have it under their control – and that control has to be taken away from them.”

Watch the video here…

Let’s check out some of the reaction from fans…


Neville said later on in the show: “You can’t condone storming into a stadium, but the fans weren’t storming they were just walking past us, talking and moving on. That’s not to say it’s right or wrong.”

(Credit: The Football Terrace)

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Man United vs Liverpool: Gary Neville praised for rant after Old Trafford protests – GIVEMESPORT

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