Three rockets launched from Syria toward Israel | TheHill – The Hill

Three rockets were launched from Syria toward Israel on Friday, expanding the battlefield as Israel faces off against militants in the Gaza Strip. 

The Israeli military said Friday that of the three rockets, one landed within Syrian territory. No casualties were immediately reported as a result of the attack.


The strike from Syria comes a day after three rockets were fired at Israel from Lebanon, raising concerns that the fight against armed groups in the Gaza Strip could spill over into other parts of the Middle East.

No group immediately declared responsibility for the attack from Syria, areas of which are not controlled by the government due to the country’s years-long civil war.

The launch comes as the fighting between Israel and Hamas and other militants escalates, with ground forces shelling targets in the Gaza Strip as jets launch air strikes. Hamas has launched thousands of rockets toward Israel.

Israel has not taken a ground incursion of the enclave off the table, but as of now ground troops have yet to cross into Gaza.

The military last invaded the Gaza Strip in 2014, when dozens of Israeli troops and thousands of Palestinians were killed in brutal fighting. 

The U.S. has sent Hady Amr, the deputy assistant secretary of state for Israel and Palestinian affairs, to the region to try to quell the fighting, but thus far neither side has indicated they will cease their strikes.

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Three rockets launched from Syria toward Israel | TheHill – The Hill

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