Sasha Johnson: Black Lives Matter activist in critical condition afta dem shoot her for London – BBC News

Sasha Johnson

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Sasha Johnson na leading figure for di Black Lives Matter movement for UK

Popular Black Lives Matter activist Sasha Johnson dey seriously sick afta dem shoot her for head, her party don tok.

Di Taking di Initiative Party say she dey intensive care for wia she dey take treatment afta dem “brutally attack” her for di early hours of Sunday.

Dem carry di 27-year-old go south London hospital wit di serious injuries she get sake of di shooting wey happun on Consort Road, for Peckham, south London.

Police say for dis stage, evidence no dey say di attack dey targeted.

Detectives add say nothing dey for now to suggest say di shooting victim bin receive any threats and dem don beg witnesses of di attack to show face.

Imarn Ayton, one of Ms Johnson friend tell BBC say doctors don do operation for her fellow activist, di surgery dey successful and she dey wit her parents now.

She explain say Ms Johnson bin dey for party or gathering wen she injure but she no believe say she be di target.

“As far as I dey aware… dis incident dey more related to rival gangs not because of her activism,” Ms Ayton tok.

Detectives from di Met’Specialist Crime Command don dey investigate di area and di surrounding of di shooting and dey pursue some leads for questioning.

E dey believed say di shooting happun near one house wia her party dey hold and some pipo bin dey di area, Met Police statement tok.

Di Taking di Initiative Party say di attack dey come afta “plenty death threats”.

Det Ch Insp Jimi Tele say: “Dis na shocking incident wey don leave dis young woman with very serious injuries. Our thoughts dey wit her family for dis terribly difficult time.”

He add say: “If you see anything wey dey suspicious for di Consort Road area for di early hours of Sunday morning, or if you get any information inform di police.”

Who be Ms Johnson

Ms Johnson na well known anti-racism campaigner wey organise Black Lives Matter protest last summer, for her home city of Oxford.

She be graduate of Oxford Brookes University, plus she be leading figure for di Black Lives Matter movement for di UK and a member of di Taking the Initiative Party leadership committee.

Di party for inside statement on Instagram say Ms Johnson na mama of two children and she be “powerful voice” wey always dey fight for black pipo and against di injustices wey dey affect di black community.

Many don praise her courage and determination to stand up for di rights of black pipo, and always dey speak against injustices and inequality.

Ms Johnson before now don tok about living in a society wia her black sons go dey accepted and wey get better system wey fit help dem grow. She say she dey determined to to continue to dey campaign and want to make a difference within her own community.

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Sasha Johnson: Black Lives Matter activist in critical condition afta dem shoot her for London – BBC News

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