Biden eyes Claire McCaskill for plum Europe ambassadorship – Axios

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill is under consideration for a plum ambassadorship in western Europe — another sign President Biden will tap party allies over big dollar donors when he starts to name his political ambassadors as soon as next week.

Why it matters: Biden will have political antennae across the globe.

McCaskill is to be joined in the diplomatic corps by Rahm Emanuel, who has been promised ambassador to Japan … L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, headed for India … and Tom Nides, Democratic confidant and former deputy SecState, in line for Israel.

  • Cindy McCain is expected to be the ambassador to the World Food Program in Rome.
  • Ken Salazar — President Obama’s Interior secretary, and a former senator from Colorado— is preparing to go to Mexico.
  • Nick Burns, a career diplomat, is Biden’s likely choice for China.

The intrigue: Biden is also considering former Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona, who endorsed him at the Democratic convention, for an ambassadorship.

  • Former Sen. Chris Dodd turned down an embassy offer, and will instead be available for discreet diplomatic missions as one of Biden’s oldest Senate friends.

The big picture: White House officials are working to ensure that his picks reflect the diversity of the country, meaning that many wealthy white male donors will see their ambassadorial ambitions quashed after a lifetime of giving.

  • Biden will likely draw on political allies and donors for roughly 30% of the 190-ish available ambassadorships.
  • The remaining 70% will go to career foreign service officers.
  • The 70/30 ratio has been the standard for most modern presidents, with the exception of President Trump who nominated political ambassadors for 44% of his openings, according to the American Foreign Service Association.

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Biden eyes Claire McCaskill for plum Europe ambassadorship – Axios

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