Covid-19: Passenger anger as Portugal moves to amber –

UK holidaymakers returning from Portugal now have to go straight home and self-isolate.

Many couldn’t afford the air-fare to get back earlier – like Yasmin Iqbal, 31, from Crawley, West Sussex.

She was in Porto for three days, with her mother and nine-month-old daughter, to visit her grandmother, who has cancer.

Speaking at Gatwick Airport this morning, she told the PA news agency she was due to return to work after maternity leave and her daughter was due to start nursery but she’s had to delay both.

“We looked at flights to come back on Monday, it was £500 or more, as soon as you click on it, it just goes.

“It was just no option but to stick with what we were doing.”

Ms Iqbal says her trip was booked a long time ago and she criticised the “ridiculous” and “completely confusing” rules, saying it was “so difficult” to get back before the rules changed at 04:00 BST.

“I’ve now got to sit at home with my daughter for 10 days when I’ve been in a country that’s probably safer than this country,” she says.

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Covid-19: Passenger anger as Portugal moves to amber –

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