6 countries agree to fly Indians out of Afghanistan – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Six countries – the US, UK, UAE, France, Germany and Qatar – have agreed to take to their countries Indian citizens who had been working for them in Afghanistan. India will bring them back later. This is expected to ease the pressure on the evacuation process in Kabul, and make repatriation smoother.
On Monday, 146 Indian nationals who had been flown to Doha from Kabul earlier were brought home, while another 78 were evacuated from the Afghan capital by an IAF C-130. They will reach Delhi on August 24 by an Air India special flight. However, another flight couldn’t take off because of firing at the airport in which an Afghan security guard associated with Western forces was killed, throwing the airport again into chaos. Government sources said they were hopeful of the flight leaving Kabul on Tuesday. Among those being evacuated are 46 Afghan Hindus and Sikhs.
Official sources reiterated that the priority was to evacuate Indian nationals. PM Narendra Modi discussed the Afghanistan situation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel over the phone on Monday. Both emphasised the importance of maintaining peace and security and agreed that the priority was to repatriate stranded people. They also agreed that the Afgh-anistan security situation had implications for the region and the world.
Foreign minister S Jaishankar had held discussions with his German counterpart Heiko Maas on Saturday on coordinating the evacuation processes. He had spoken to Jean Yves Le Drian, the French foreign minister, when he was in New York last week.
The German military had earlier in the day confirmed that US and German forces were involved in the airport clash. According to a CNN report, the clash began when a sniper outside the airport fired at Afghan guards helping US forces. Three Afghan guards were said to have been injured.

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6 countries agree to fly Indians out of Afghanistan – Times of India

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