Watch: Woman practicing yoga on the beach gets bitten by iguana – The Indian Express

While yoga on the beach may seem like a perfect plan, it can have disastrous consequences too. A yoga instructor was bitten by an iguana as she stretched on her back. “I got bitten by an iguana today. It was bleeding,” tweeted user @bahamahoopyogi along with the video.

In the 15-second clip, the woman, whose Twitter bio describes her as a meditation teacher and mental health professional, is seen attempting a yoga position with her arm stretched and her finger dangling over her head when an iguana bites her. Shocked, the woman is heard hurling abuses at the reptile as she tries to shoo it away by throwing beach sand.

[Strong Language. Viewer discretion advised]

Watch the video here:

In another video shot by her friend, the user is seen surrounded by several iguanas as she nurses her bleeding finger. “Everyone keeps asking if I didn’t see if. To be clear, there were iguanas all over the beach. People go there to feed them all the time,” she wrote in another tweet.

Once shared online, it did not take long for the post to go viral, garnering over 3.5 million views. While many inquired about the woman’s hand, others were amused by the incident. Some also wrote that probably the iguana was hungry and mistook her finger for food.

While iguanas are usually harmless and avoid human contact, their bite can cause severe infection. According to Critter Control, humane pest control services, though the reptile’s teeth are designed to rip plants, they can deliver painful bites to people and pets. Moreover, the affected area should be thoroughly washed and not be ignored as the bacteria for Salmonella can be found in the mouths and faeces of the reptile.

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Watch: Woman practicing yoga on the beach gets bitten by iguana – The Indian Express

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