Afghan Sikhs and Hindus decide to stay put in Gurdwara for the next few days – Times of India

AMRITSAR: Following a series of suicidal attacks by the Islamic State at Kabul airport, the Afghan Sikhs and Hindus sheltered in Gurdwara Karte Parwan, Kabul, have decided to not go out of the airport for the next couple of days unless the Indian government evacuates them.
While talking to TOI from Kabul, an Afghan Sikh who lost one of his Muslim friends Usman in the bomb attack said that his friend lived in the vicinity of Gurdwara and was killed in the bomb blast since he was also at the airport wanting to flee the country. “We were lucky to have returned to Gurdwara else we would have been killed.”, he said.
Notably, a group of around 145 Afghan Sikhs and Hindus had reached the Kabul airport at around 8 am on Wednesday. However, owing to alleged confusion created by their rescuers and firing by Taliban outside the airport they were forced to return to Gurdwara at around 4 am on Thursday and by late Thursday evening the back-to-back explosions rocked the Kabul airport.
Guljeet Singh, president of Gurdwara Guru Nanak Sahib, Vikaspuri, Delhi, informed that the Afghan Sikhs and Hindus wouldn’t be able to reach the airport unless the Taliban allowed them, adding that they were lucky that they had returned to Gurdwara since the suicide bombers exploded themselves near the place where the buses of Afghan Sikhs and Hindus were parked.
A source in Afghanistan informed that they had not heard anything from Indian rescuers or from the Sikh NGO’s who also claims to be working for their evacuation from Kabul. He said they held a meeting on Friday and decided to not leave the Gurdwara for the next five days.
“We will leave for the airport only in groups of 10 to 15 persons in order to avoid any attention that too only if Indian government will airlift us from Kabul” said the source.
President of Indian World Forum Puneet Singh Chandhok said “We are waiting to hear from the Center government for the evacuation of stranded persons , not only the Afghan Hindu and Sikhs have to be evacuated from Kabul but also the Indians, Nepalese and Sri Lankans”. He , however, informed that all the Indians and Afghan Sikhs, and Hindus were safe after the blasts.

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Afghan Sikhs and Hindus decide to stay put in Gurdwara for the next few days – Times of India

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