Laser Lights Show At Kolkata’s ‘Burj Khalifa’ Stopped. Here’s Why – NDTV

The Sreebhumi Sporting Club pandal is drawing massive crowds


A laser light show at a Kolkata Durga Puja pandal modelled on Dubai’s Burj Khalifa was stopped today after the pandal started drawing huge crowds.

While there were reports that the laser lights were turned off after complaints from pilots operating flights at the nearby Kolkata international airport, airport sources NDTV spoke to said they were not aware of any official complaint on this.

Sreebhumi Sporting Club, organisers of the Puja, denied that there had been complaints and said they switched off the laser strobe lights to prevent overcrowding. Currently, only still lights are on at the pandal in the Lake Town area of the city.

The 145-feet pandal modelled on the world’s tallest building was built using about 6,000 acrylic sheets. It had been drawing crowds in tens and thousands, leading to frequent traffic jams in the area.

Visuals show the pandal changing colours from red to blue to yellow, much like the 829 m Dubai structure illuminated by coloured projectors.

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Laser Lights Show At Kolkata’s ‘Burj Khalifa’ Stopped. Here’s Why – NDTV

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