Prince Charles reveals he has adopted a special diet ‘Have done for years’ – Express

Prince Charles shared details about his weekly diet during an interview with the BBC regarding climate change. He also revealed that he understand’s climate activists’ anger and is “sympathetic”.The heir to the throne has been labelled a “veteran environmental campaigner” for his work over the years. 

Prince Charles spoke to the BBC’s climate editor Justin Rowlatt in the garden’s of Balmoral. 

Justin asked the Prince: “What would you say to viewers of BBC breakfast, what would you be saying to people watching about diet?

“Should they be eating less meat, should they be flying less?”

Charles stated: “Well, flying is being done much less recently, most people, most of these people are doing things online. I’ve been trying to get used to that.

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Aside from his diet, The Prince of Wales has also launched a television channel on Amazon Prime that is dedicated to promoting programmes about the environment. 

The channel, RE:TV, will highlight projects globally with the aim of promoting a more environmentally friendly planet.

The Prince said:  “I’ve spent a lot of my lifetime trying to engage people and businesses with the issues and solutions of the climate crisis.”

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Prince Charles reveals he has adopted a special diet ‘Have done for years’ – Express

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