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Squid Game killed off its players in a variety of brutal and creative scenes, and there are several clues that foreshadow each of the main characters’ deaths. After it started streaming in October 2021, Squid Game very quickly became the most popular series on Netflix, as well as one of the most discussed dramas on the web. This has led to many theories and analyses about the show’s different elements, including its many death scenes. Indeed, after the ending of Squid Game, very few cast members were left alive.

Apart from the final winner Seong Gi-hun and Squid Game founder old man Oh Il-nam, every other player fell during the death games. One interesting analysis points out that there are actually several clues that foreshadowed these fated deaths. According to the Hindustan Times, it was Facebook user Hiro Fitzherbert who first posted about these clues.

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What are these clues? How were these crucial Squid Game deaths foreshadowed by earlier events and elements? Moreover, where in Squid Game do these clues appear?

Squid Game Player 101 Deok-Su Jumped Off A Bridge To Escape Gangsters

Jang Deok-su is the gangster who murders and bullies multiple Squid Game players for the prize money. Before volunteering to join Squid Game, Deok-su gets lured by a friend and criminal associate into a closed-off bridge, a trap that was set up by Filipino gangsters looking to settle Deok-su’s long overdue casino debts. Deok-su kills his former friend and jumps off the bridge to escape the gangsters. Later, he is pulled to his death off the bridge in the fifth death game by Mi-nyeo, who settles her own debt with Deok-su.

Squid Game Player 212 Mi-Nyeo Promised To Kill Deok-Su If He Betrays Her

An image of Deok-su nervously sweating as he looks at Mi-nyeo in Squid Game.

During the intimate scene between Mi-nyeo and Deok-su, Mi-nyeo manipulates Deok-su into promising to stay with her till the end of the game, and Mi-nyeo promises to kill Deok-su if he ever betrays her. Deok-su soon after betrays her by kicking her off their team, Mi-nyeo delivers on her promise in the most epic way possible. Indeed, Squid Game player 212’s sacrifice is one of the series’ most memorable death scenes. After Deok-su refuses to move across the glass bridge, Mi-nyeo hugs her former lover, and then pulls them both down to their deaths. Mi-nyeo may be a self-confessed scammer, but at least she wasn’t lying about killing Deok-su if she was ever betrayed.

Squid Game Player 199 Ali Forcibly Took The Money He Was Owed

Desperate to get the money he needs to take care of his family, Abdul Ali, who lost his fingers in a factory accident, confronts his former employer about back wages and other compensation, for which he is legally owed. The confrontation gets physical and Ali pushes his former boss, who not only drops a thick envelope full of money, but also gets his hand trapped in a machine. Ali grabs the money and makes a run for it. Abdul Ali’s story in Squid Game is one of the show’s most tragic arcs. During the marble game, Sang-woo, whom Ali trusts with his life, fooled Ali into giving him all of his marbles and losing the game – much in the same way that his employer held on to the money that is rightfully his.

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Squid Game Player 067 Sae-Byeok Threated To Cut The Immigration Broker’s Throat

An image of Sae-byeok injured and standing in between two guards in Squid Game.

Before North Korean defector Sae-byeok decides to rejoin Squid Game, she speaks to an immigration worker who might be able to get her mother and the rest of her family out of North Korea. The immigration worker asks Sae-byeok for more money, but his attitude leads Sae-byeok to believe that she’s being scammed by the broker. Frustrated, Sae-byeok pulls out a knife and puts it to the throat of the broker, threatening to kill him if he tries to scam her again. As Squid Game player 067, Sae-byeok dies when Cho Sang-woo stabs her in the throat during the last leg of the death games, putting an end to one of Squid Game’s most beloved players – and setting up the one-on-one confrontation between Sang-woo and Gi-hun.

Squid Game Player 218 Sang-Woo Tried To Kill Himself

A photo of Sang-woo crying in Squid Game.

Burdened by the legal repercussions of his previous actions, disgraced businessman Cho Sang-woo only rejoined Squid Game because he failed to kill himself in the bathtub. During the last titular round of Squid Game between Sang-woo and his childhood friend, protoganist Seong Gi-hun, he decides to stab his own throat with a knife and eliminate himself from the game. In effect, Sang-woo’s suicide sealed the fate of Gi-hun as the sole survivor of the death games and winner of Squid Game’s 45.6 billion won grand prize.

Squid Game Founder And Player 001 Old Man Il-Nam’s Brain Tumor Is Revealed Early On

Before he reveals himself to be the founder of Squid Game in the final episode, old man Oh Il-nam shared to Gi-hun that he has a brain tumor, which happened during the first episode. While Il-nam’s relationship with Gi-hun was built on several lies, he seems to have been telling the truth about his brain tumor, as Il-nam is shown succumbing to its effects and dying in the end. Moreover, as his execution after the marble game turned out to be fake, Il-nam’s real death is foreshadowed by the brain tumor that was discussed earlier in the show.

Squid Game Winner And Player 456 Gi-Hun Swore On His Mother’s Life

Squid Game Gi-hun final red

Before Seong Gi-hun won Squid Game’s final game, he and the other players were returned to Seoul after they voted not to continue playing. While almost naked and tied up on the ground, Gi-hun begs Sae-byeok, who is nearby, to help untie him. Sae-byeok makes Gi-hun promise to that if she unties him, Gi-hun won’t go after her for when Sae-byeok stole the money that Gi-hun won for betting on horses. Gi-hun swears on his mother’s life that he won’t, but then immediately tries to go after Sae-byeok when he gets loose. After Squid Game, Gi-hun returns home to find her mother already dead, and he is too late to do anything to save her, a moment that renders his newfound billions practically useless. While this leads Gi-hun down the path of depression, he later recovers, uses his money to do right by Sang-woo and Sae-byeok, and even dyes his hair red. As for whatever it is that Gi-hun’s red hair could be foreshadowing, only Squid Game season 2 can resolve that particular mystery.

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