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The University of Texas ranked as the No. 43 university in the world, according to the 2022 list of top global universities by U.S. News & World Report.

The annual list, published Tuesday, ranked more than 1,700 universities in 90 countries based largely on academic research and global reputation. The calculations were based on 13 indicators, including total citations, publications and international collaboration, and it also ranks schools for their academic research performance in 43 different subjects. 

UT was the top-ranked Texas school on the list, and the only school from the state in the top 100 schools. In last year’s ranking of nearly 1,500 schools, U.S. News ranked UT as the No. 38 university in the world. 

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The new list includes 20 schools from Texas, including public and private institutions and medical centers. The other top schools in the state include Southwestern Medical Center-Dallas at No. 124, the Baylor College of Medicine as No. 135, Texas A&M University’s campus in College Station at No. 140 and Rice University at No. 167.

UT received high rankings for its global and regional research reputation, along with its research in multiple different subjects. The UT System flagship university was ranked in the top 25 for four subjects, including mathematics at No. 18, material science at No. 23, arts and humanities at No. 24, and geosciences at No. 24.

In a separate ranking last month, U.S. News previously ranked UT as No. 38 overall among the nation’s universities and No. 10 among public universities nationwide. The national rankings focused more on the undergraduate experience, including graduation rates, undergraduate academic reputation and faculty resources. 

The latest global rankings provide students applying for universities with data to compare schools across the world as an “an increasing number of students plan to enroll in universities outside of their own country,” according to a news release from U.S. News. 

“These rankings stand out from our other education rankings due to their emphasis on academic research,” said Robert Morse, chief data strategist at U.S. News. “The Best Global Universities … (provide) even more information for prospective students interested in schools where research is a top priority.”

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There are 271 U.S. schools ranked, with Harvard University listed at No. 1 overall. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is No. 2, Stanford University is No. 3, University of California-Berkeley is No. 4, and University of Oxford is No. 5.

The full ranking of Texas schools in the U.S. News & World Report:

The University of Texas at Austin – No. 43

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center–Dallas – No. 124

Baylor College of Medicine – No. 135 tie

Texas A&M University-College Station – No. 140

Rice University – No. 167

University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston – No. 266

University of Texas-Dallas – No. 308

Baylor University – No. 376

University of Texas Health Science Center–San Antonio – No. 408

University of Houston – No. 439

Texas Tech University – No. 464

University of Texas–Arlington – No. 517

University of Texas–San Antonio – No. 531

Southern Methodist University – No. 614

University of Texas Medical Branch–Galveston – No. 641

University of North Texas – No. 653

University of Texas–Rio Grande Valley – No. 701

University of Texas–El Paso – No. 840

Texas Christian University – No. 1,335

Texas State University – No. 1,647

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center – No. 1,688

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UT ranks as No. 1 Texas university in 2022 US News global rankings – Austin American-Statesman

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