Toronto Police kill coyote suspected in attacks on humans – Toronto Sun

Two people were bit in a park over the weekend

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A coyote believed to be responsible for attacking two people in a Toronto park over the weekend has been shot and killed by police.

Toronto Animal Services and Toronto Police Emergency Task Force members cornered the animal in the yard of Hollywood Public School, near Bayview Ave. and Sheppard Ave. E., Monday morning after it was sighted nearby.

Video posted to Twitter by a CBC Toronto reporter showed the coyote walking along the schoolyard’s fence.

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The school was placed into a hold-and-secure mode, with students and staff sheltering in place.

About an hour later, a police sharpshooter lying prone on a portable fired a single shot, killing the animal instantly.

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The coyote is believed to be the same animal that attacked two people in Bayview Village Park on Sunday.

A statement issued Sunday evening by the city said both Animal Services and the police ETF spent all day Sunday and into Monday searching for the animal.

Toronto Animal Services Manager Jasmine Herzog told CP24 said the decision to euthanize the coyote was made out of concern for public safety.

“We do not typically lean towards lethal force unless there is a bonafide risk to the public,” she said.

The animal’s remains will be examined to determine the cause of its abnormal behaviour.

A coyote terrorized a Scarborough community over the summer, caught on camera attacking a young girl walking her dog and biting a woman on her leg in separate, unprovoked attacks.

That animal was successfully trapped and relocated to a Muskoka animal sanctuary.
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Toronto Police kill coyote suspected in attacks on humans – Toronto Sun

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