Open Thread: January 7, 2022 – Managing Madrid

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Reinforcements!! Preparations begin for Valencia.

The Dancing Feet of Karim.

Copa del Rey last-16 fate to be determined today.

The draw will take place at the Spanish Football Federation headquarters (12:30 CET). The other teams to have booked their places in the last 16 are: Espanyol, Real Sociedad, Mallorca, Valencia, Barcelona, Atlético Baleares, Betis and Rayo Vallecano, Girona, Cádiz, Sporting de Gijón, Sevilla, Athletic, Elche and Atlético.

Real Madrid’s last-16 tie will take place over a single game played on 19 or 20 January. Should they be paired against opposition from a lower tier, the fixture will be played away from home. If their opponents are a fellow top-flight side, the game will be hosted at the home ground of the first team drawn out of the pot.

Bit of controversy with Ceballos.

ICYMI: Alaba discusses his move to Spain and Real Madrid.

In this article by Robert Husby, the Real Madrid defender discusses some of the culture shock he has experienced.

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Open Thread: January 7, 2022 – Managing Madrid

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