“Don’t panic”: Central Texas health leaders weigh in as ‘Deltacron” variant is investigated – KWTX

WACO, Texas (KWTX) -A scientist has come out saying they have found cases of what they are calling “Deltacron,” a new covid-19 variant that is a combination of Delta and Omicron.

On the island of Cyprus, between Turkey and Egypt, the scientist believes he has found 25 cases that have omicron-like genetic signatures within the delta genomes.

“The samples and information have been submitted to the virus tracking group and so I’m sure we will be hearing more about the reliability and testing soon,” Amy Mersiovsky, Director & Chair for the Department of Nursing at Texas A&M Central Texas, said.

Mersiovsky says a combination of two variants is unlike what the world has seen up to this point and that is why testing will be done to see if it’s truly a new strain or a lab processing error.

“There have been some questions if this could be a lab contamination, but we know that covid is really good at making new variants so it stays in the business of making us sick so we are going to have to wait and see,” Mersiovsky said.

With the Delta variant proving to be a deadly strain and Omicron easily spread, Mersiovsky says the best thing we can do is take preventative measures no matter the type of variant.

“Don’t panic,” Mersiovsky said.

“We need to remain calm and continue to do the things we have been doing, getting vaccinated, making sure we are washing our hands, wearing our mask over our mouth and nose, and staying out of big crowds.”

Once officials investigate “Deltacron” further, they will be able to provide proper guidance as needed but it has not been confirmed as a variant yet.

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“Don’t panic”: Central Texas health leaders weigh in as ‘Deltacron” variant is investigated – KWTX

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