Best tips, mistakes to avoid for traveling while pregnant – Insider

After receiving her blessing, I started traveling. Over the course of my pregnancy I spent time in Ecuador, the Galápagos Islands, Lebanon, and France.

A pregnant woman wearing plaid overalls waves at the camera amid a crowd, wearing a mask.
I traveled during months five, seven, and eight of pregnancy.
Evie Carrick

My experience traveling internationally while pregnant started with a last-minute opportunity to go to the Galápagos Islands for work. I was five months pregnant and my husband and I spent 10 days exploring the western Galápagos Islands on a luxury cruise and got to swing with sea lion pups, watch the blue-footed boobie courtship dance, and observe baby sharks feed. After the cruise, we spent a week exploring Ecuador.

At seven months pregnant, we left for Beirut, Lebanon, for four weeks and our experience was the polar opposite of the Galápagos trip. My husband and I spent our time lugging skateboards in and out of cabs and helping out at his skate park build, though I spent more time trying to escape the heat under the shade of a tree than working.

Then, at eight months pregnant, we arrived in Paris, France, which felt like coming home. I lived there for a period of time in 2016, and again for the year of 2019. This time, we weren’t traveling for work, but for ourselves. We hit our old haunts, saw friends, and ate at our favorite grab-and-go falafel spot, L’As du Fallafel.

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Best tips, mistakes to avoid for traveling while pregnant – Insider

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