South: Ukrainian Armed Forces launched fire attack on Russian base in Chornobaivka – Yahoo News

Olha Hlushchenko  —  Wednesday, 3 August 2022, 01:51

Ukrainian army missile and artillery units have struck the location of the occupation troops’ base in Chornobaivka.

Source: Operational Command Pivden (South) on Facebook

Quote: “The enemy continues to conduct hostilities along the occupied defence line. They have started to prepare an assault group on the Kryvyi Rih front.

It is probable that the enemy is preparing a counteroffensive aimed at reaching the administrative border of Kherson Oblast.”

Details: Russian aggressors attempted combat reconnaissance under the cover of two tanks along the Sukhyi Stavok – Bilohirka line. They failed and retreated with losses.

However, they launched two air strikes and two rocket strikes at Ukrainian positions later during the day.

The attacks were carried out from the temporarily occupied territories of Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, along the contact line, by helicopters and Smerch (Tornado) multiple-launch rocket systems.

Mykolaiv came under attack again during the day as well. Two surface-to-air rockets fired by Uragan MLRS hit the suburbs. No casualties or damage have been reported.

Three X-101 cruise missiles were shot down by a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile unit in the Bashtanka district.

Ukrainian aircraft carried out three strikes on Russian strong points and one strike on a concentration of weapons and equipment in the Beryslav and Bashtanka districts.

Missile and artillery units launched a fire attack on the occupying forces’ base in Chornobaivka.

Currently, confirmed losses of the aggressors include 20 invaders, two T-72 tanks, a Msta-B howitzer and 4 more vehicles, including armoured vehicles.

“The enemy’s final losses are being verified,” the report said.

In addition, Operational Command Pivden notes: “A boat derrick was blown up by an unknown device at the entrance to the Black Sea from the mouth of the River Danube at Bystre.

The crew has organised the fight for survival. The damage is not critical and there were no casualties. A port pushing vessel helped to return the crane to the main base point.”

The group of ships from the Russian fleet in the Black Sea consists of 13 warships and boats sheltering in missile-safe areas. Two of them carry 16 Kalibr missiles and 3 are large landing ships.

Background: Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a conventional and field ammunition depot in Chornobaivka and Bilohirka at the end of July.

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South: Ukrainian Armed Forces launched fire attack on Russian base in Chornobaivka – Yahoo News

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